About us

Rivery Polewear was born in Stockholm in 2022 by a team of pole enthusiasts, with a mission to create high quality and affordable polewear that makes you feel YOU and feel good. Our designs are pole dancer approved and built with great comfort in mind for your best pole sessions.

Meet our founder Frida

Hej, my name is Frida Lindström, and I am the founder of Rivery Polewear.

I believed that pole dancing was more than just a physical activity; it was a way to express creativity, strength, and empowerment. I founded Rivery with an ambition to create affordable designs that would allow users to move freely and confidently, clothing that blended fashion with function, embracing the essence of pole dancing – the fluidity, the strength, the elegance.

I hope Rivery can bring great comfort, confidence and utmost enjoyment to every pole sessions of my beautiful pollerinas.